Spare parts

Harrington recommended spare parts documents provide a list of potential wear items that may be beneficial to keep on hand for repair and maintenance of a particular hoist or crane product. Refer to the product Owner's Manual for a complete listing of parts.

Current Product Recommended Spare Parts Lists

Manual Chain Hoists

     Download pdf - CB Hand Chain Hoist

     Download pdf - CF Hand Chain Hoist

     Download pdf - LB Lever Hoist - (L5)


Electric Chain Hoists

     Download pdf - (N)ER Hoist - ((N)ER2)

     Download pdf - (N)ER Large Cap Hoist - ((N)ER2)

     Download pdf - (N)ERCC Hoist - ((N)ER2)

     Download pdf - ED Hoist - (ED3)

     Download pdf - SNER Hoist

     Download pdf - Food Grade NER, MR2, TS2


Air Hoists

     Download pdf - AH Hoist

     Download pdf - TCR Hoist

     Download pdf - TCR Large Cap

     Download pdf - TCS Hoist



     Download pdf - (G)NTH

     Download pdf - GTS Trolley w/ Drop Stops and Bumpers

     Download pdf - MCR Trolley

     Download pdf - MR Trolley - (MR2)

     Download pdf - PTF Trolley

     Download pdf - SMR Trolley


End Trucks

     Download pdf - HPC500